Monday, 6 July 2009

Getting ready to go to Germany

There are 55 days to go until the move to Germany. I have a huge to-do list which must all be ticked off before I leave. Of course most of it can only be done in the last couple of weeks but I have managed to get a few important things done already. I've booked the removal company, sorted out the shipping insurance, short term accommodation for the first two months and a couple of days ago I booked my flights. I was surprised to find that Qantas had a route between Frankfurt and Cologne. I wanted to see who the code-share was so I clicked on the link:
It was a train with a QF number! I like the "Aircraft type: Train" :-) I can image wandering round the airport looking for the right gate only to be directed to a platform. While Bonn and Cologne share an airport they have different stations so it's good to know before I turn up with all my bags after a 24hr flight.

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