Saturday, 13 February 2010

Moving into Bad Godesberg

After a few of weeks of flat hunting here (back in September) I managed to find a nice place in Bad Godesberg, according to Wikipedia 'the posh part of Bonn'. When Bonn was the capital of Germany this was the area where most of the embassies were. It's a short train ride from the centre of Bonn so it's very conveniently positioned. Also Aris and Michael live just down the road.

The view from my balcony (taken recently in the snow) A view of the Godesgerg through the snow (taken recently)

When flats in Germany are described as unfurnished they really mean it, no lights or kitchen, just wires and pipes! Luckily there is a toilet and bath but that's about it. I made a massive Ikea order and had them deliver all the parts for my kitchen. I decided to save a bit of money and install it myself. It took me a whole day and I nearly destroyed my back in the process of lifting and cutting the worktop. In the end though it all has gone together pretty well and it was actually quite satisfying.
I had a lot of furniture coming from Australia so I had to wait for useful things like my bed to arrive. I have a new sofa so I only had to spend a couple of weeks on Norbert's airbed (borrowed by most of the new pulsar group when they arrive in Bonn) before moving onto the sofa.
It didn't take long to get the internet and TV sorted out so despite the lack of furniture things were comfortable, if a little sparse.

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