Saturday, 13 February 2010

My things arrive at last

My things from Australia were eventually delivered in November but not before the removal company had lost three of my boxes. One of them included my entire DVD, CD and software collection so I was not best pleased. Initially they just sent me an insurance claim form but I harassed both the Australian and UK ends until they eventually found my things in the warehouse in the UK.

The double-trailer truck couldn't park The rental van eventually arrives

On the day they were to deliver they turned up in a huge double trailer truck and were surprised when they couldn't find anywhere to park. This was particularly annoying as I'd paid for them to use a smaller transfer vehicle. They disappeared and returned eight hours later in a rental van. Apparently they'd been doing the transfer in lay-bys and kept being moved on by the police. They'd also managed to lose my mattress by this point but all the other boxes were there. It's not exactly the professional service I'd hope for.

The van being unloaded Some of the boxes ready to be unpacked

I've since finished unpacking and there doesn't appear to be anything missing. Unfortunately there has been damage to the furniture due to very poor packing and handling. I made an insurance claim which they eventually approved, but not before they'd managed to make a mess of that too. The incompetence is staggering!
The damage is annoying but it's a relief to have all my things again and have the flat sorted out and feeling like home.

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